Customers We Service

Our diving services are utilized by a wide variety of customers from US & foreign militaries to numerous commercial entities.

  • We provide diving services to various Federal Government Agencies, the US Navy, US Air Force, US Coast Guard, US Army Corps of Engineers, US Dept. of Homeland Security, and NASA are repeat customers.
  • State and Local Government agencies are longtime customers that place their trust in our proven ability to perform within a limited budget and timeframe. 
  • Major energy production companies trust Bosarge Diving to fulfill not only their inspection needs, but subsea pipeline tie-ins, installation of riser clamps and retrofitting anodes, plus they rely on us to complete their abandonment tasks as well.
  • We provide diving services to energy exploration companies for their geophysical vessels and drilling platforms.
  • We inspect and provide ship’s husbandry services to shipping companies on all types of vessels.
  • Our Classed Ship Inspections are accepted around the globe.
  • Utilities and electrical generating facilities rely upon us for inspections, mechanical repairs, cleaning of water intake and discharge systems.
  • Engineering firms appreciate our thorough, accurate inspections and expedited report generation and CAD drawings.
  • Chemical plants, paper mills and other industrial facilities contract us for infrastructure maintenance and inspection of their raw water intakes, water clarifiers, cooling towers, tanks, ponds, and outfall diffusers.
  • Insurance underwriters appreciate our expedient and cost effective salvage and recovery operations.
  • We provide inspection, preventative maintenance and repair services to the waterborne gaming establishments within the States of Mississippi and Louisiana.
  • Other businesses that value the hard work, experience and initiative of our staff.