Bosarge Diving Safety

Bosarge Diving Safety – All of the new dive gear, boats, barges and other equipment are simply a means to allow our employees to perform their jobs to the best of their abilities. We know that the employees are the true measure of a company and its success.

   Our employees are the most valuable resource at Bosarge Diving and our commitment to their safety and well-being is paramount. We also value the lives and well-being of our customer’s employees and their equipment. To stay current with evolving safety measures, we constantly evaluate and update our safety practices and operational procedures. We are part of the GoM Diving Safety Workgroup to share with and learn from the other members to enhance our safety procedures and protocols.  

Safety is our Prime Concern

  • We know and follow the OSHA and US Coast Guard Regulations for commercial diving operations well as the ADCI Consensus Standards.  It’s in our best interest to follow or exceed these requirements at all times.
  • For our International Clients, we will tailor an IMCA Dive Team and Equipment Package to meet their project’s requirements.
  • Training – All of our Diving Personnel have graduated from ACDI Accredited or US Military Diving schools.
  • We add to this training with in- house training and experience in ship’s husbandry, offshore energy operation support and inshore diving operations.
  • We continually update their training with First Aid, CPR, AED Blood Borne Pathogen, H2S, Rigging, Material Handling Equipment Operation, as well as Site Specific Training for Industrial Plants and Facilities  
  • We assure the health and safety of our Personnel thru Pre-Job Planning and Risk Assessment, with On-site Risk Assessment and Pre-Dive Briefings.
  • We utilize the most modern and technologically advanced equipment to assure our divers have the safest and highest quality equipment at their disposal.

Our Equipment & Environmental

First Aid and Emergency Medical Response equipment is always at the ready should anyone in close proximity require medical attention. As part of our ISO 9001 implementation, we have updated and enhanced our equipment maintenance procedures and record keeping protocols. The service records and compliance certificates for all of our Life Support Equipment are readily available for inspection prior to loading out equipment for a project. Copies of the compliance certificates are included in the Job Site Manual. MSDS sheets for any chemicals and gasses brought onto the jobsite are also included in the Job Site Manual for ease of reference. We maintain containment and spill response equipment at the job site to minimize risk to the environment.