Project Description


“Often, finding the object that you seek is greater than half of your quest”

Side Scan Sonar allows a single vessel to cover a swath of sea floor up to 200 meters in width in a single pass. This allows a large area to be searched in a fraction of the time required with a single beam echosounder type of equipment. Objects above the seafloor that reflect the sound energy back to the Towfish will be displayed on the display screen. Once a sonar contact is found, its location is saved by the sonar operator and can be further investigated in greater detail with additional sonar passes. The Klein 3900 System will display objects as small as individual anchor chain links, seafloor contours and even a diver’s footprint depressions in soft bottom sediment.

  • Klein 3900 Side Scan Sonar System Getac Laptop Computer & Geometrics 882 Magnetometer
  • The Sonar towfish has dual frequency transducers, 445 & 900 MHz for greater range or finer detail.
  • System is highly portable and can be deployed from small boats.
  • The Getac computer has a plasma display that is visible in daylight and splash proof.
  • The system can be shipped in the bed of a pickup truck or air freighted to remote locations.
  • The Geometrics 882 Magnetometer can locate a 5 inch screwdriver at a range of 4 meters, larger objects have greater detection range.


  • Mesotech Scanning Sonar Head is placed in a stationary tripod and sweeps an area similar to a Radar system scanning the sky.
  • The Mesotech Sonar utilizes a high resolution, multi-frequency scanning head for best image resolution.
  • Utilized for locating objects in a pre-defined area and guiding divers to specific locations and avoiding hazards.
  • The Geometrics 882 Magnetometer Towfish can locate a 5 inch screwdriver at a range of 4 meters, larger objects have greater detection range, even if buried below the seafloor.
  • We also have diver carried metal detectors for locating small, high value ferrous and non-ferrous objects as well as gradiometers for pipeline locating.